Welcome at Van Dijkman Vertalingen

Van Dijkman Vertalingen is a one-woman translation agency with experience in translating various texts in different language combinations.  Van Dijkman Vertalingen is run by Ingrid van Dijkman-Verhagen.

Van Dijkman Vertalingen offers the following translation services:
         •  Legal texts English-Dutch and Dutch-English
         •  Financial texts English-Dutch
         •  General texts English / French / German-Dutch


Van Dijkman Vertalingen was founded by Ingrid van Dijkman-Verhagen.
After eight years at Amsterdam-based translation agency The Language Lab Ingrid moved to Curacao in 2010 and started her own business. Since 2016 Van Dijkman Vertalingen is domiciled in the Netherlands. A financial education, an intensive legal course and extensive experience both as an in-house and freelance translator provide Ingrid with the right tools to offer accurate and authentic translations.